Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekly Menu

I have to plan my meals before I go shopping, otherwise I end up with a bunch of food and nothing to eat. I usually shop on Saturday and thus plan my food week from Saturday through Friday. So here is this week's dinner menu:

Saturday: Alfredo pasta with fresh veggies
Sunday: BBQ pulled pork, wallaby's smashers, baked beans, steamed California veggies
Monday: Asian noodle salad
Tuesday: Smothered burritos
Wednesday: Fresh Asparagus Soup
Thursday: Citrus chicken fricassee
Friday: Homemade Pizza

And we can't forget about desserts: I have fresh coconut that I need to use, so I'm going to attempt Emeril's Fresh Coconut Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese filling and Boiled icing. That's a mouthful. And should be delicious!

I've also been dying to try Almond Cream Crepes, I think this is the week. And for a mid-week snack- whole wheat oatmeal raisin cookies- they are delicious- and I don't even like oatmeal cookies very much. Print Friendly and PDF
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